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Geronimo John Townsley was a crew-member in Phu Loi from January 1969 to
April 1970. John is a retired Vet Center Team leader who treated PTSD, and has
since formed a not-for-profit organization called VALOR (Veterans Action
League Of Raleigh). VALOR's mission is accompanying veterans to Viet Nam
for healing purposes.

There are three tours scheduled in 2007:

April 15 to April 30 - Total Corps areas, excluding II Corps

June 24 to July 9 - I Corps, II Corps, III Corps - "The Highlands"

September 30 to October 15 - Total Corps areas, excluding II Corps

Both the April and October tours will spend a generous amount of time in the
Geronimo AO. With 10 or more participants, the cost of the trip from Los
Angeles is $2500. This includes 60% of meals, all hotels, and in-country

John's e-mail -
At Danang Monkey Mountain.
John is second-from-left,
Geronimo Jim Vanderbeck is on the right.
In Hue with Citadel in background
At Khe Sanh
At Nui Ba Dinh