Gary and Melinda Alexander
Shelby and Elizabeth Ballard
Jim and Charlotte Benner
Kirk and Mari Brown
Billy Butterworth and Kay Nakasone
Jim and Crista Coleman
Garry and Colette Cramer
Tim Crosby
Steve Curtin and Carolee Palesano
Jan and Gail Drabczuk
Erin Donovan
John and Kathryn Dugger
Merl and Marsha Dungey
Bill and Joyce Eason
Paul Fretts
George and Shirley Galo
Vince and Sharon Gingras
Steve and Cathy Goodrich
Merl and Doris Hawkins
Leon and Diana Hernandez
Tom and Ruth Hirschler
Tony and Annette Hobbs
Ken and Diana Hoerner
Taree Hosey

Rick and Barbara Johnson
Jim and Georgia Kale
Dave Kealey
Jim Lashley
Scott and Peggy Laugel
Mitchell and Sigrid Leeman
Jerry and Miriam Liner
David and Nancy McAdams
Lloyd and Jann Nance
John and Janet Priest
Gaylen and Bernadee Randall
Doug and Patty Reid
Wayne and Susie Roberts
Jim and Renate Rodgers
Roxanne Ryan
Dave and Lynn Shaw
Ken and Kathy Sherfey
Kenny Skaggs
Ken and Noreen Stein
Chuck Straw
Bill and Patty Summers
Doug and Ruthie Tollin
George and Betty Twiggs
Jim and Nadine Werner
Bill and Cathy Young