Geronimos Photo Gallery
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In 1981, crews from the 205th, 180th, and 295th Aviation Companies ferried
Egyptian Air Force CH-47s from the factory in Italy to Egypt.
Geronimo Participants
CW3 James E. Coleman
CW3 Jimmie Husband
CW2 Randall D. Sizemore
SFC Armando Valdez
SSG William J. Walter
CPT Harold S. Barrett
CPT Gary S. Mulrooney
CPT Michael P. Breithaupt
CW3 William Atkinson
CW3 Stephan J. Weissenberger
SSG Robert Davis
SGT Jack G. England
SP4 Craig M. Brayer
SP4 Michael K. Hotsenpiller
SP4 Joe B. Deathrage
Photo by Bob Davis