1 AUGUST 1967:
What is now Bravo Company 7-101st Avn Regiment was officially organized as the 272nd Aviation
Company at Fort Sill Oklahoma under the protective wing of the 154th Avn Company.

16 OCTOBER 1967:
The 272nd Avn Company completes training on the CH-47B and is released from its attachment to
the 154th Avn Co.

MAY 1968: (Vietnam)
The 272nd Avn Company begins deploying to Vietnam, arriving by ship on 21 May 1968. At that
time, the unit was placed under the operational control of the 222nd Avn Battalion. The Unit was
based in Vung Tau Republic of Vietnam at a base now designated as Camp Bear Cat.

JUNE 1968: (Camp Eagle and the 101st)
Bravo Company sends 4 CH-47B aircraft TDY in support of the 101st Airborne Division located at
Camp Eagle. Additional requirements were later placed on the unit and the 272nd Avn Co is
assigned to the 101st Airborne Division.

OCTOBER 1968: (Varsity)
The 272nd Avn Co is relocated in its entirety to Camp Eagle. The unit is redesignated as Company
B, 159th ASH Battalion. The same month the Company was nicknamed VARSITY, because it was
the 1st team, second to none.

In late 1969 Varsity started replacing the CH-47B with the new CH-47C and the Super C. By May of
1970 the Varsity Team was an all CH-47C company. In May of 1970 two Varsity CH-47s and all on
board were lost to enemy ground-fire. Varsity remained in VARSITY Valley (also known as the
Locker Room) at Camp Eagle until 31 August 1970, when the company was relocated to an airfield
at HUE / PHU BAI. The relocation provided for better living conditions and improved aircraft
maintenance. Varsity as a member of the 159th ASH Bn provided lift support to the 101st Airborne
Division operations to include:


The unit conducted artillery support, troop movement, resupply operations, flare and flame drops,
firebase insertions and extractions, IFR airdrops and downed aircraft recovery operations to name
a few. One of Varsity's most prized accomplishments was its outstanding flying record. Varsity had
over 22,000 accident free flying hours and only one aircraft accident in the total of 32,000 hours
flown in the Republic of Vietnam. In flying those 32,000 hours the Company completed over 80,000
sorties and carried over 116,000 tons of equipment.

FEBRUARY 1972 THRU 16 OCTOBER 1987: (Fort Campbell)
During February 1972, the 159th ASH Bn to include Bravo Company (Varsity) returned to Fort
Campbell Kentucky. Here the unit continued to support the 101st Airborne Division. In 1976, the
Battalion to include Bravo Company deployed 36 CH-47s to Giebelstat Germany to support

In 1978, Bravo Company and the 159th Aviation Battalion was adopted by proclamation by Logan
County. This was in recognition for the unit's Humanitarian support and disaster relief during March
1978. To this day, Logan County, the Town of Russellville and the 159th (now 7th of the 101st Avn
Regiment) enjoy a lasting friendship.

In February 1981, Company C of the 159th was deactivated and B Company became the largest
Chinook Company in the World with 32 CH-47 aircraft assigned.

28 February 1983 - The battalion begins to receive the CH-47 Delta Chinook which is far superior
to older Chinooks in pay load, maintenance and reduced crew work load.

16 OCTOBER 1987:
The 159th Aviation Battalion is redesignated. B Company 159th Avn becomes B Company 7th
Battalion 101st Aviation Regiment.

8 NOVEMBER 1987: (Re-designation)
Official ceremony redesignating the 159th Avn Battalion as 7th Bn 101st Avn Regt "Eagle Lift".

Varsity spearheads the contingency force bound for Southwest Asia as part of TEAM BRAVO
TASK FORCE 9-101. The Task Force was comprised of elements of Bravo Company (Varsity),
Alpha Company (Predators) and the 9th Bn 101st Avn Regt. Bravo Company undertook the largest
C-5A deployment of CH-47 aircraft in the history of the 101st providing the first CH-47D's in Saudi
Arabia. In September of 1990 a detachment from Bravo Company, which had been supporting
Task Force Southern Eagle in Honduras Central America, is relieved by the 214th Avn Regt (Freight
Trains) out of Fort Lewis WA. The Detachment then Deploys to Saudi Arabia reestablishing the
Company and completing the 7th Battalions deployment to Southwest Asia.

Throughout Operation Desert Storm, B Company supported a demanding mission load while
sustaining its aircraft in the harsh desert environment. During the ground phase of the operation, B
Company played a key role in the massive Air assault of the 2nd Brigade 90 miles across the Iraq
border into LZ Cobra.

B Company took part in the largest Air Assault ever conducted. 7th Battalion the "Workhorse of the
Division" conducted 280 "heavy assault" Combat sorties in support of the 101st Airborne Division
(AASLT) operations. Among these was a CH-47D pure combat assault, which led the way to the
Euphrates River Valley and other areas in Iraq. Within 48 hours, three infantry brigades of the 101st
had been lifted into Iraq and had secured their objectives.

February of 1991 - The battalion begins redeploying with the Battalion closing on Fort Campbell by
the end of May 1991.

1 SEPTEMBER 1992: (Hurricane Andrew)
On 1 Sep 92, with less than 24 hours notice, 10 Varsity Aircraft and 5 Predator aircraft self
deployed to Opalocka Florida. The unit supported relief efforts to the Victims of Hurricane Andrew.
For three weeks, the Varsity Predator team assisted thousands by doing what they do best, Hauling
Cargo and providing support.

13 SEPTEMBER 1994 TO 15 OCTOBER 1994 (Haiti)
On 13 Sep 94 Varsity was alerted for deployment to Haiti the following day. Operation Restore
Democracy had begun. Varsity was to deploy via Homestead AFB Florida and Guantanimo Bay
Cuba. B Company was to assist in preparations and the execution of Hostilities in Haiti. All aircraft
closed on Great Inagua (Mosquito Coast) by 18 Sep 94. Hostilities are imminent! All aircraft are
unloaded and prepared for Combat operations and follow on fire Bucket missions. With the 82nd
Airborne 1 hour from jumping into Haiti a 11th hour agreement is reached and 61 C-141's full of
Airborne soldiers are turned back.

Varsity was ordered to stand down. On 20 Sep 94 it is decided Varsity would enter Haiti as part of
a peaceful occupation force. At 1000 hours on 20 Sept 94 four Varsity CH-47D aircraft land in Port
Au Prince Haiti. From 20 Sept 94 thru 12 Oct 94 Varsity provided general Aviation support for
United States troops in and around Haiti. Bravo Company began re-deployment on 13 Oct 94 with
all assets closed back at Fort Campbell 14 Oct 1994.

Another Chapter begins for the Battalion and Bravo Company. The 101st Avn Brigade the largest
Aviation Brigade in the world Containing 9 Aviation battalions is split into two Brigades. There is
now a Assault Aviation Brigade (159th) and a Attack Aviation Brigade (101st). 7Th Battalion to
Include Bravo Company is now a intregal part of the 159th Aviation Brigade, 101st Aviation
Regiment, 101st Airborne Division (AASLT). It is interesting to note the 159th Aviation Brigade
shares its roots with the 159th Aviation Battalion, the original 101st Chinook Battalion.

7 NOVEMBER 1998 TO 15 FEBRUARY 1999: (Hurricane Mitch)
Varsity deploys 10 CH-47D Aircraft to El Salvador in support of the Hurricane Mitch relief effort. This
was a Self Deployment cross country. All Ten Varsity Aircraft arrive together after a three day Self
Deployment. Attached to Joint Task Force Aguila in support of Operation Fuerte Apoyo, Varsity
Soldiers provide Humanitarian relief to the Countries of El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and
Guatemala. The unit redeploys via ship and air to Fort Campbell, Kentucky in February, 1999.