Varsity Photo Gallery
Photos this page courtesy Rich Ready
Latrine at Phu Bai.
Ramp at Phu Bai.
Barbeque at Phu Bai.
Lt. Lopez
LTC Newton (159th CO) at USO show.
Party time.
The OH-6 crashed one real foggy night during Lamson 719 as I was taxiing in after spending the day at
Khe Sahn. I can still remember the terrified voice on the radio as we were just completing a PAR to
Phu Bai. The guys in the BOQ could hear him circling overhead trying to find the ground. As we were
shutting down, our FE said "there's a LOH over the ramp and I think he's going to crash, yup, I know
he's going to crash". The pilot walked away from it. The LOH main rotor sliced through some heavy
structual members on the chinook, so the next photo is it being "medevaced". This chinook belonged to
a different unit (either the Americal or the 179th) that had aircraft supporting Lamson 719.

Top two - parking at Phu Bai. Middle two - Varsity Valley after the move.
Top right - Camp Eagle.