Varsity Photo Gallery
Photos this page by John Hendrickson
1st Flight Platoon Barbeque
1st Flight Platoon
Varsity 16 - John Hendrickson
Maintenance NCOs
On Patrol
The 'Hood
Varsity Valley
Varsity HQ & Ops
Gork Foot Bridge
Varsity Mess Hall
Landing to the hangar.
Varsity Valley dust cloud.
Avenue of Approach.
Outside the wire.
Varsity 16 and Varsity 443
Varsity 542
Revetment 5
Parking Lot
Where we started.
WOPA Meeting: Bill "Oscar" Mayer, Phil Lanza, Bill Moore, Skip Hawn, Bob "Bob Cat" Canfield,
Tom Hirschler, Verle Reeder, George "Little George" Mason.