Photos this page courtesy Tom Valenti

Varsity Photo Gallery
Jose Sarmiento

On the left: Clyde Watkins

On the right: Chester Wornowski

On the right: Chester Wornowski

Center without sunglasses: Brian Turner

EM Club in the background.

USO show: Sgt Fredrick Steward - ??? - Sgt Bob Evans - ??? - ??? - Jose Sarmiento.

USO show, far right: William Lynch.

USO show: Gork Amphitheater.

Two damaged Chinooks. Not Varsity - likely in Danang.

Ronald Herbert

Larry Betik

Jim Voss

Varsity - getting Air Medals

Varsity Orderly Room

Varsity company area

"Mac" Mcfarland, Ronald Herbert seated in NCO/Officers' Mess Hall.

Danang - Freedom Hill PX