Varsity Photo
Photos/captions this page by Paul
Sparrell and Denton Sandquist.
Varsity Valley - home sweet home once
again. Lower pads, I think behind Gork and
officers' hootches. Nose in or out.
A/C 435. Second tier flight
line. Access road just in front.
A/C 143 crew chief Dennis
Phillipine waiting for weather to lift.
A/C 143 at Chu Lai.
Paul Sparrell with the late A/C 435
on upper flight line. Company area
directly behind ship.
A/C 143 in revetment #10 where a
hill was just in front of blade ends.
Don't get too far forward here!
Nice tow vehicle. (Easier to tow downhill
like this if you have good brakes. Tom H.)
Prepping out in the open away from
other ships. Rocket shrapnel on left
side from nose to pylon - some on
both sides. Note burial monument.
Sling attached. Start lifting.
Breaking ground,
A/C 143 leaves for Da Nang.
Away she goes.
66-19143 off to Da Nang.
EM club above my right shoulder.
In front of "Ed Cunningham's" AA +
bunker. Ed was former infantry
turned hook door gunner.
A Shau Valley Firebase. Maybe
north or up around Vandergriff.
Hue '69. Church under
repair all year, not much
Hue '69. Another damaged church.
Memorial cemetary outside Hue.
Burial plots, not bomb craters in
Pilots may recognize this
landmark near Hue. I don't.
(Part of the Citadel. Tom H.)
Perfume River bridge near Hue.
AH-1 Cobra security blanket
on the way to the valley.
UH-1 "Huey" slingload over
South China Sea. Could be the
one we dropped at Chu Lai.
Maybe not.
Paul Sparrell
James Walton and Paul Sparrell
Varsity 142 flipped over during
night maintenance run-up in 1970.
Photo caption is typo.