Varsity Photo Gallery
Photos this page courtesy Hank
Unidentified firebase with South China Sea in the far background.
Unidentified firebase. Note elevation of the 105
barrels - they were shooting at close-in targets.
A hootch maid poses with an AK-47.
Morning formation.
Firebase in the Ashau.
Phu Bai guard bunker,
closest to the road.
Varsity Valley enlisted quarters.
Varsity Valley parking pad
closest to officer's
Hue-Phu Bai International terminal.
Morning formation,
Tex "FTA" Forester presiding.
Kuraz and Benedict,
taking a break.
Varsity Valley.
C Co.
(Playtex), Phu
Breakfast in
the mess tent.
Lunch time in
the tents.
Heading into combat.
Pre-hooch Peter Church.
Early days at Camp Eagle.
Enlisted club built entirely from
materials stolen from the 82nd
Leaving Phu Bai for the last time. Still
feeling the loss of Harold Eckert.