Varsity Photo Gallery
Photos this page courtesy Mike Lehne.
Don Adams. Sheet metal repair 1970.
Corregidor refueling pad at base of hill
in far background.
While a movie was being shown in the hangar, this CH-47 was running some
tests. Something went wrong and it flipped out of control, sending chunks of
blades flying all around the company area and sending the movie-goers
running for cover. Later, a CH-54 flew away with what was left.
Mike Lehne (second from right) and friends.
Backside of the Varsity hangar. Each time a
Chinook came flying in for maintenance,
everyone inside would run out the back
door to avoid being sand-blasted.
The Varsity hangar could hold three Chinooks and keep the
maintenance crews in out of the hot sun or rain. Lights in
the hangar allowed a maintenance night-shift as well.
Mike Lehne taking a break from rivet bucking.
Enlisted hootches.
Company commander briefing the troops.
From time-to-time, all of us got a chance to patrol
our sector outside of the Camp Eagle perimeter.
A Huey passes over the company area. The
enlisted hooches are to the right.
A 122 mm rocket hit not too far from parked Chinooks.
Our call sign on one of the revetments.
Concrete-filled, the revetments gave
some protection against in-coming.
This was the Danang Airport where I
slept on the floor for 3 days until a
B/159 shuttle picked me up. Little did I
know that's where I'd be assigned.