Varsity Photo Gallery
Varsity setting down at Corregidor refueling pad in the rain.
Company Area - I think this is a shot of the top of the bunker by the officer's area looking at the
foot bridge leading to that mess hall that had a thousand recipes for roast beast. Think Gork
resided in the bamoo thicket just across the bridge and to the left.
The famous bridge. As I recall, one of the COs thought the officers needed something to do on their
days out of the cockpit. So it was decided they would construct the bridge the bridge in the picture.
Cpt "Nab" Norm Borgen was the engineer. I personally saw a deuce and a half cross it one day.
Either the officers went to happy hour too early and didn't complete it or it needed a little upkeep.
In some fashion or another, most or all of the bridges on Hwy 1 resembled
this. This must have been one of the very few venturesome days by road.
Must have been a good day to take a picture of 143 on pad 10.
Oh, oh! Look out, the Chinook drivers are on foot patrol outside the
perimeter. A half day of this would make even a Black Label drinkable.
Photos this page courtesy of Dave Magers.
Who knows? Looks like someone is scratching his head, someone has a finger in his ear (Looks
like Dave Warren. Tom
), and darn if it don't look like Gil Goodman on the forward rotor head.
Hamming it up a little on patrol.