Varsity Photo Gallery
Photos this page courtesy of Dave Magers.
Abandoned airstrip at Khe Sanh
The A Shau valley.
This was a two-ship drop-off on an old, worn-down
mountain LZ - maybe one north of Ripcord.
Been there and done that. Sometimes you just had to climb up the mountain and into the clouds.
Whoa!, the company SOP did not contain a chapter on how to get back down. This reminds me of
Fuller before it was reduced to a trash dump, but I am not for sure.
Well, it has been one-heck-of-a-ride and I wouldn't trade it for anything (Me either - Tom). Looks
like it is time to cruise south acrsss the Perfume and head into the Locker Room for lunch. Was that
stuff ever good? The Mess Sergeant (I think his name was SFC Durham) had 365 recipes for roast
Offspring of Three Toes and Sheba.
Besides the pups we decided to have a cat. Ole
Sheeba was gonna have none of this and she got her
way one day when we were out playing in the AO.
WOPA Meeting: Bill "Oscar" Mayer, Phil Lanza, Bill Moore, Skip Hawn, Bob "Bob Cat" Canfield,
Tom Hirschler, Verle Reeder, George "Little George" Mason (This picture courtesy Phil Lanza.)