We had one 100 kw and two 30 kw
generators to power the company area.
If only one 30 kw was available, it ran
the hangar and mess hall first.
When the enlisted-area electrical wiring
caught fire, we had to rewire the whole area.
When we moved to Phu Bai, I rewired the
officer's building. See below.
Varsity Photo Gallery
In the Locker Room, 1970.
The 159th Battalion Commander didn't
like Chinooks. An artistic flight engineer
came up with this. A later version of the
Varsity patch was based on this design.
When you were next to go, your
plaque moved into the V.
New hangar at Phu Bai with
a real ramp for parking.
Before - on the left, open-bay two-story
Marine barracks.
After - on the right, two-man rooms
with outside-walkway entrances.
Construction in progress.
Hammer in hand - work to do. Note
the comfort station to the rear!
I think Frank Miller supplied the
expertise for the barbecue pit.
Unknown on the left, Bob Enyeart on the
right. In the background is a shower building
with sinks, washers.
Bob Moore back from the showers.
Charlie Hiers. Pete Smith. Rich Ready.