Varsity Photo Gallery
Photos this page courtesy Earl Doty.
Hamburger Hill the morning after. And what, pray tell were we
doing out there? Delivering ammo to Firebase Eagle, and
sightseeing! (in a tiny little CH-47; totally unobtrusive...)

A brave (trusting) man doing his job. Vandergriff, I think. I
remember being able to 'thread the needle on a good day ...

Someone forgot to set the brakes!

Volleyball - jungle rules!

German, Doty and Hammond; pilots
by day, goof-offs by night! 3 May 69

So I said to Santa, "Look, man, I know you said you
could handle it but just look at this stack of stuff
you have to deliver to all those soldiers way over
here in Vietnam. I mean, maybe we do have
the largest number of men and women
ever to inhabit this place, but some of
the LZ's are hot. And if they shoot
at Medevac ships, you know they'll
shoot your reindeer!"
"Well son," Santa said, "since you put it that way,
go ahead and load a bunch of this shit in your
'Hook for the troops. I'll take care
of the Navy guys since I can get
down their smoke stacks."
"And the Air Force can send a C-130 up to the pole
to pick up their stuff" he added. "I'll have more
than one sortie so cram those packages and mail
up to the ceiling and call me on FM when
you're finished. And be careful of
those 8" guns. I hear they're
tough on the SAS!"
"Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas '68!!"

O-2 nut case over Dam Cau Hai, near Vin Loc, about 20 clicks
south-east of Phu Bai. Look close and you can see Highway 1
and the railroad running along the south shore of the bay. Firebase
Rifle is just out of the pic on the mountain ridge to the right.

Rainbow over Varsity flight line looking south, early summer '69.